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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bling Buggy

For many urban mamas, the Maclaren is the lightweight buggy of choice. If the Bugaboo is a Baby Benz, then Maclaren Quest is the Toyota Corolla of pushchairs: smooth, sleek, sturdy and great value for money. But if you want to flex like your baby 'Trumps' all others (even that smug Stokke rider) splash out on the ultimate tricked-out stroller: the limited edition Maclaren GB Type Au.

This baby bling-mobile's kitted out in black leather and gold, kind of like Shaft meets old school LL Cool J. But with more class. It has a 9 carat gold brooch on the detachable cell-phone pocket along with standard Maclaren features like five-point harness and compact umbrella fold. In case you've missed out on one of these beauties (only 20 exist), you can still satisfy your inner snob with a buggy from Maclaren's designer range including ultra chic collections by Kate Spade, Lulu Guinness and Philippe Starck. Did somebody say Bugawho?

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Anonymous MotherPie said...

All I had, for convenience and ease, was a little light (and cheap) umbrella stroller that I could maneuver open with one free hand and a foot to lock it open.

Accoutrements were not so important, then, or I was too young to care...

2:19 am  

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