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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Two by Two

One of our favourite gifts for Mr. Cheeks this year (and especially apt now that half of England is submerged by Biblical style flooding!) was a traditional Noah's Ark from the East of India company. This beautifully crafted wooden ark features a noble Noah and 13 pairs of animals, each with a distinctive character, as well as a ladder so they can climb onto the ship. The set is packaged in a handsome box engraved with the saying Two by Two. All East of India products are handmade or hand-finished by skilled artisans using natural materials and they're made to last a lifetime.

This gift is so special that it's on display in our living room, high above Mr. Cheek's reach. Even when he gets to hold it, he already knows to handle with care. Luckily he also owns a plastic Little People Noah's Ark by Fisher Price which includes a range of creatures from toucans to zebras that are built to withstand his toddler grasp.

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