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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gabby Babies say 'Hands Off!'

When you’re pregnant, nobody can keep their hands off your bump. Then when you bring your shiny new darling into the world, it seems every grisly, germ-ridden, disease-infected mutant wants to get their paws on your pride and joy. If you’re tired of karate chopping strangers’ hands away from your precious one, or imprisoning baby behind his stroller rain cover even if it’s scorching outside, why not check out this Gabby Baby t-shirt instead? The message is loud and clear: Please don’t touch my hands I put them in my mouth.

  • Gabby Baby
  • was set up by a mum who was tired of fielding unsolicited comments from family, friends, even strangers e.g. Is he a good baby? Have you put her on a schedule? Are you sure you’re not overfeeding? Do you want my advice? And so on, ad nauseam. Gabby Baby babygros and t-shirts are designed to tell all those helpful hinters politely but firmly to get stuffed. Other Gabby Baby sayings include Please don’t stare at my lunch, Please don’t ask my mommy if she’s ‘working’ and Please don’t ask my daddy if he’s babysitting. UK buyers visit: LoulouBee

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