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Friday, November 17, 2006

Hip Hop Lullabies

Bored with those ancient lullabies? Tired of cutting loose to Mother Goose? Hype mamas and papas rock the night shift on old-school beats with a baby-friendly twist. The original Hip Hop Baby CD features rap classics like Salt N Pepa’s ‘Push It’, Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ and Outkast’s ‘Ms Jackson’ specially remixed for the crib. So even after soothing baby to sleep, mom and pop can groove on ‘til the break of dawn. Believe us, the lullaby version of the Fugee’s ‘Ready or Not/Fugee La’ is a thing of beauty.

The Hip Hop Baby CD is available at Nippaz with Attitude which stocks soundtracks to suit almost any taste or mood e.g. Punk Baby, 80s Baby or even Ibiza Baby. UK-based Nippaz with Attitude is an urban clothing label sported by celeb sprogs of Madonna, Russell Crowe and Kate Moss, to name-drop a few. Check out t-shirts, bodysuits and bibs with slogans like Fight the Power, Mama Ain’t Raising no Fool and You Don’t Have to Sleep to Dream at the Nippaz with Attitude site.

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Anonymous Afrikabelle said...

OH MY GOODNEESSSS!!! Are you kidding me? I'm cracking up!!! NIPPAZ with attitude??? Was this label AT LEAST founded by someone of African descent? I really wanna know, because I'm seeing Kate Moss and Madonna as primarily clientele and always wonder about Black urban entrepreneurs founding urban lines out of most people's price range.

Will visit the site shortly. Not sure what I might find...Easy Pee (P) as a play on rapper Eazy E from the group, N****z With Attitude? Snoopy the Doggy Dawg? Jay-Sneeze & Co.? Biggie Smalls? Hmmm...funny how THAT name can stay the same and still be okay in urban baby marketing.

7:56 am  

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