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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Easy Rider

If you’re looking for a set of wheels for your babe this Xmas, this bestselling Mothercare 5-in-1 Trekker is a hot deal. The trekker takes your child through five stages of development by converting from a rocker with play tray (6 months) to a stroller with parent handle (8 months) to a push-along walker (10 months) and finally to a ride-on car with (12 months) or without parent handle (up to 3 years).

We got one for our bubba at five months when he was already too hefty for the rocker. At 9 months, he’s learning to use it as a ride-on/walker with support. Sadly the trekker doesn’t travel on grass and I don’t feel safe taking it on the road. Still, Mr. Cheeks feels super cool zooming from room to room in our flat, hand on the horn, toy phone pressed to his ear. All he needs is a sound system and some pimped out rims.



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