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Friday, February 16, 2007

Joy Ride

Boys and cars. Cars and boys. It's almost an inevitable love match. If you don't have space for a ride-on, your shorty can still hit the road with this Little Roadster. The snazzy little steering wheel features a viewing window through which you can see your car 'driving' up a busy high street. Turn the wheel to steer the car and use the gear stick to shift into drive, reverse or neutral. We bought Mr. Cheeks a Little Roadster for his first birthday. It's a little advanced for him (it's targeted at kids up to 3 years old) but the toy is said to help develop hand to eye coordination. He enjoys steering the wheel and pressing the buttons that blare out police, fire engine and ambulance sirens. It makes realistic driving and braking sounds and even comes with its own jazzy soundtrack. Available at Early Learning Centre, UK deliveries only.

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