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Friday, January 12, 2007

To dream of Cuski

If you’re dead set against dummies and don’t want your baby lugging a bulky blankie everywhere, you might like to try a Cuski. Hugely popular with UK parents since its launch more than six years ago, Cuski is a super-soft baby comforter that’s especially helpful soothing newborns to sleep (indeed Cuski is an anglicised Welsh term meaning ‘to sleep’). On the first night mum or dad should sleep with the Cuski so it absorbs your natural scent. In the morning, the Cuski should be passed on to your baby who will associate it with the comfort and security of having you nearby. Cuski is compact and made out of soft, durable fabric that lasts wash after wash and is available in several colours. Check out the Cuski web site for a list of international stockists.

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Anonymous Afrikabelle said...

love that word, "Cuski!" Sounds like something people should call their spouses or puppies...or kids? Cuski Jackson? Hmmmm...

5:28 am  
Blogger suzy said...

Cuski means 'to sleep' in Welsh. It has been anglisized so it is easier to pronounce. Cuskis are an absolute Godsend in our house ,they almost have a magical effect on my children, when it comes to sleeping....

5:14 pm  

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