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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Raves with babes

Diapers and dancefloors. Who would ever have imagined they would go together like, well, baby and carriage. If you haven't heard about Baby Loves Disco, the 'lite'-clubbing family disco phenomenon that's sweeping the States, then you're out of step. Mix together a club DJ, a hip spot, kids aged 0-7 and their party-happy parents and you've got a new craze that's got both mothers and the media raving.

We were more than a little envious when we discovered Baby Loves Disco as it's yet to hit the UK. But Londoners won't be left behind for long and we were thrilled to learn of Babygroove, a similar family-friendly jam that's open to babes with babes under 7. The venues are West and South London-based (so far Notting Hill, Battersea and Chiswick), the vibe is chilled and the music is funky house. Babygroove events take place on the third and last Saturday of the month. Hype Baby will be hotfooting it down to the next groove we can make and we will report back.

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