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Monday, December 10, 2007

High price heels

What do you get for the parents who have everything? Nada. Simply point and click them in the direction of the Posh Tots web site. While the rest of the masses can merely ogle the 'most extraordinary children's furnishings in the world', Mummy and Daddy Warbucks might be tempted to drop a cool $49,000 on this shoe.

Well, it's not strictly a shoe. The handsome construction, cunningly disguised as an item of footwear, is actually a children's wardrobe that appears to be inspired by the nursery rhyme (old lady, too many kids, you know the one). This Whimsical Armoire is custom made upon order and features two sliding drawer doors, a cedar roof and one window nightlight. It's sure to provide hours of fun (priced at about $817 a minute) for future shoe fetishists.

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