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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Boogie down Babes

A hot new scene, hip young things strutting their stuff and a sulky date who refused to dance. My clubbing experience last Saturday was just like the B.C. era (before child) except the event was Baby Loves Disco, the groovy set were mostly wearing nappies and the date in question was an extremely moody and somewhat overwhelmed Mr. Cheeks. Luckily the soft play chill-out zone behind the DJ booth provided a refuge where my two-year-old could tinker with toys, browse books and slowly get into the swing of things. By the end of the session, he was breakdancing (in his own stylee) to Chaka Khan and even ventured out with mummy onto the main floor.

Launched in the US, Baby Loves Disco is quickly becoming a UK sensation thanks to hostess with the mostess Naomi Timperley who describes herself as ‘just a mum from Manchester’ and is still pinching herself at its success. The media are abuzz with the story and monthly events in London are sold out through April (Manchester tickets are also going fast).

Naomi couldn’t have found a slicker spot than the Clapham Grand with its light-up floor that makes even the most left-footed feel like Travolta. The popular south London nightclub is transformed into a family-friendly venue with changing stations, stroller parking and healthy snacks for kids – although the bar stays open for grown-ups. Old timers and mini movers twirl around with hula hoops, balloons and bubbles fill the air and a DJ from Heart 106.2 FM spins funky, feel-good tunes. It's the joyful vibe and the sight of everyone from toothless tots to decked-out dads letting loose that turns what could have been a cheesy pre-school disco into a boogie wonderland. Get on down to Baby Loves Disco UK.

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