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Friday, March 07, 2008

Welcome to our Crib Designs

Earthquakes? Ha. Snow flurries? Whatever. No matter what bizarre elements Mama Nature’s planning to throw at us this March, nothing can shake our conviction that spring is on the way. So put a little tra la la in your baby girl’s step with this gorgeous handmade Amelia Halter dress. It has a comfy elastic top, vintage neckline detail and comes in everybody’s favourite flavour combination: chocolate and flowers.

The Amelia Halter dress is just one of many treasures to hunt down at Crib Designs, an online boutique for shorties with style (note to MTV fans: this Crib is where the cool people go nine months after the “magic happens”). The good folks at Crib Designs are offering free postage to Hype Baby readers through March. Just mention Hype Baby when you make your order.

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