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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sleep easy

When it comes to their precious newborns, even the least eco-conscious amongst parents can suddenly develop a green conscience. You want to create as safe an environment as possible in your home and protect your progeny from any toxic influence. But one area that some newbie mamas and papas overlook is what mattress their baby sleeps on - many simply relying on the synthetic options that come with their crib or cot.

The Natural Mat Company specialises in 100% natural, breathable mattresses and organic bedding hand-made in Devon. These natural fibres create a constant circulation of air to allow babies to regulate their own temperatures and prevent from overheating. Each mattress is made from non-chemical fire retardant materials and treated with essential oils to provide allergy protection.

The Natural Mat Company can't guarantee their products will make your little one sleep through the night. But their promise of safety and long-lasting comfort for your child should help new parents rest a little easier. Find out more at the Natural Mat Company web site.

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