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Friday, May 08, 2009

Bathing beauty

If you've ever tried to persuade a terrified toddler that showering for the first time in a strange hotel can be fun, you'll definitely appreciate this slick piece of baby gear. The Bibabath is a portable bath - sort of like a hammock - that lets you transform almost any type of shower into a fun, hygienic bath for kids.

Ideal for bathrooms with no space for a tub, the Bibabath is quick to install and made of non-slip material that's washable at 60° C. It features a drainage outlet that can be attached to the shower drain and when not in use, the bath can be folded flat against the wall. It can also be used outdoors as a mini splash pool. And at just 3kg, it weighs less than your average travel cot so comes in handy when you're off on holiday. Get more info at the Bibabath web site.

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Anonymous tiffeny said...

Just amazing. I can't believe i never saw one of these till now. Great looking product. Thanks for sharing.!!

4:21 pm  

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