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Friday, October 20, 2006

Scandinavian cool

So you live in Podunk, Nowheresville. There’s no reason why your kids can’t sport a little northern European chic courtesy of Nordic Kids. This canny enterprise features top Scandinavian designers of children’s wear including cute bibs, funky hats, print bodysuits and 70’s inspired overalls. We’re digging these teal baggy cord trousers by Ida T which can be accessorised with the blue polar bear hat for that ‘my baby’s so cool he’s got frostbite’ effect. Deliveries throughout Europe only.



Anonymous Afrikabelle said...

No, there is no reason why kids couldn't sport that Nordic kids stuff...Nowheresville is actually a small village IN Scandinowhere! LOL!

Cute stuff.

2:54 pm  

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