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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spooky eats and liquid treats

All hallow’s eve is upon us and you still haven’t the foggiest what to serve your ghoulish guests? The Dark Side of the Net has links to last minute Halloween recipe and cocktail ideas to make you the ghostess with the mostess. Why not concoct some Graveyard Goulash a la carte from Hookery Cookery or scare up some Curried Pumpkin Soup courtesy of Moonchild.

For cocktails to leave you truly legless try Halloween Magazine’s Why the Long Faced Ice Tea or get shaken and stirred with some Bloody Eyeball Martinis on the Rocks from Fabulous Foods. Tots and teetotallers can sample Webtender's non-alcoholic Eerie Witches’ Brew with dry ice for chilling effect.



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