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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snow baby

Mr. Cheeks and his mama have been down with one of those pesky colds that's going around this time of year. But we're back in action just in time to catch up on our Xmas shopping. I've been looking for a cute seasonal outfit to dress him up in for his first ever Christmas. This melt-in-your-arms baby Snowman suit from Mothercare is almost too snuggly for words. It has a zip up front and comes in sizes 0-24 months.

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Anonymous Afrikabelle said...

Mr. Cheeks! HAHAHHAAHHAA...The cleverness is unreal! Reeeeal clever there, Mama Cheeks...I mean Cheeky Mama.

And that little cutie wutie is too cute for words, so I'll have to stop writing at this juncture~!!

4:35 pm  

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