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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hippy hip hooray

Mr. Cheeks and mama have returned from our globe-trotting just in time to spend our first Xmas together in foggy London. I'm happy to be home but gutted that I forgot to pack my Hippy Chick hip seat on our way back. If you're travelling with a super-heavy bubba like mine this baby carrier is indispensable. It looks like a bum bag (fanny pack, for US readers) with a foam padded shelf for baby to sit astride. You simply strap it around your waist and lift your child onto the seat. The clever design not only helps to support the extra weight but stops you from twisting your spine so you don't strain your back too much. It looks a bit bizarre when you first try it on but actually nobody notices and it's worth a few odd stares. I really missed my Hipseat when I had to lug His Cheekiness for what seemed like miles from the plane until I finally retrieved my stroller at baggage collection. My advice? Don't leave home without it.

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