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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bees in the hood

A baby butterfly. Two peas in a pod. A toadstool fairy. Photographer Anne Geddes’ portraits of babies in imaginative poses are loved all over the world. The Geddes brand has expanded to include everything from books and calendars to baby clothing. Even if it’s all a little too adorable for your tastes, you might still get a buzz out of this Baby Bee hoodie from her Baby Bee collection. The black hooded top features bold yellow and black stripes, soft cotton lining, embroidered bee antennae and a funky wings pattern on the back. Just don’t get your little hoodster mixed up with the Baby Bee toy which, frankly, is a little disturbing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are some kid socks and shoes that would match this darling bee theme: http://littleboyblueboutique.com/catalog.php?item=139

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