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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wild ride

Once upon a time all you needed was a simple set of wheels to cart your pre-walkers from A to B. But in the Noughties, the seemingly limitless range of prams, carriers, strollers, trailers and baby joggers on the market could make your head spin. Sporty parents are going gaga for the Chariot Cougar 1 bike trailer, described as the “best-selling ultimate multi-functional child transportation system”.

The Cougar offers an ultra smooth ride with padded seats, soft harness and adjustable suspension. Each Cougar must be bought with at least one CTS conversion kit that allows it to function in one of 5 different modes: cycling, hiking, jogging, strolling and even skiing. It’s available in one-child or two-child (Cougar 2) models to accommodate your growing family and frankly, this cat looks hot. Check out the Chariot Cougar and other superfly child rides at the Bicycle Trailers site.

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