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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Snug as a bug in a rug

We've been enjoying an Indian summer over here in England's green and pleasant land. But the cold snap’s about to hit and it’s time to get the little ones kitted out for frosty days ahead. This funky kangaroo style pouch will keep bubba nice and snug. The Buggysnuggle fits all pushchairs and the top can be removed to leave the bottom as a liner in milder temperatures. The Buggysnuggle is available in many designs and textures including plush sherpa fleece, faux suede and yeti! Stylish babies make all the right moo-ves in this fake fur Cow Buggysnuggle. Check edirectory.com for deliveries outside UK/Europe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

a great idea and who can resist the name - buggy snuggle. snuggly buggy, buggle, buggly snuggly...such cute designs, which to pick...

12:46 pm  

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