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Monday, June 01, 2009

Hot mama

Not every mummy feels yummy all the time. But there are some days when you stroll out with extra sass in your stride - days when not even the spit-up on your shoulder can steal your shine.

So if you've got it, why not let your bubba flaunt it in this 'I'm with the MILF' onesie? If that's a little OTT for your tastes, why not check out other t-shirts in the David & Goliath range? They specialise in fashion tees emblazoned with cheeky or cute slogans that are guaranteed to make people look twice. And with sizes to fit the whole family, even your DILF can get in on the action. Pop into David & Goliath's online store for more words to the not-so-wise.

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Blogger Stylestance said...

That's cute but I do think a tad too cheeky, especially when the baby grows up and says, "Mommy, what does MILF mean?" ... :)

5:58 pm  

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