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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Everlasting bellies

When I was six months pregnant I told my hubby that I wanted a belly cast. ‘What would you do with it afterwards? Use it a giant ashtray?’ he scoffed. Well I don’t smoke, he quit, and the idea fell by the wayside. So when I came across the stunning belly casts by Everlasting Castings at the London Baby Show I felt quite envious.

Founded by mum-of-two Tammy Peters (who made her first cast while pregnant with her now six-year-old son Lucas), the 3D moulding technique uses plaster of Paris or a new glass or bronzing technique to create a life-size replica of your bump. The casts can be left plain or decorated and used as fruit bowls, plant pots, wall lights or just conversation pieces. Everlasting Castings offers budget or deluxe home belly casting kits that include instructions, plaster bandages, Vaseline, gloves and a picture hook. All you need is a hands-on buddy and a sense of humour.

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Anonymous Afrikabelle said...

tee-hee! sense of humour is right...when you're already logged up and bloated from carrying the angel, or angels, as it were, having a cast made out of your bulgy parts can be a little extra! Looks very sexy and appealing though as art. Wonder if moms can have one for every pregnancy ... bodies DO change each time, you know. Or, er, at least, I imagine so!

10:16 pm  

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