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Friday, August 07, 2009

Babbling over

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this onesie with 'Oh Crap' so aptly placed above the rear. And strolling through Covent Garden the other day with Little Big Cheeks in his 'Fuel' bodysuit, I was stopped time and again by people wondering where we got that cute t-shirt.

The answer is Babble Babywear, a line of bodyhugging onesies with witty captions and logos that are bound to make you do a double-take. Check out the 'Chunky' onesie with peanut butter jar logo or the 'Recycling Centre' for the eco-conscious parent with a sense of humour. Each bodysuit is made of 100% ringspun combed cotton with reinforced three-snap closures and available in sizes 0-12 months.

And if you think you can do even better, Babble Babywear are running a contest for new slogans. Visit the web site for more details.

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