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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yoga Babies

The little ones and mama are fresh from a limbering session of afternoon yoga at a local Children's Centre. Well, in truth mum sat with Little Big Cheeks on my lap at the corner and egged on his older brother.

It was a treat to see my 3-year-old (who's already built more like a rugby player than a tiny dancer) ease himself into various poses. It was even better to see how quickly he transformed from wallflower into proud, standing tree with waving branches - amongst other yogic moves.

What's clever about Yoga Bugs is a series of standard poses are woven into storytelling so the kids feel like they're going on a magical adventure with plenty of stretching and rolling about.

It's a canny mix of song, dance and fitness that appeals to toddlers (1 to 2) and pre-schoolers (3 to 4) already hooked on yoga-inspired CBeebies show Waybuloo. Check out the Yoga Bugs web site to get a sense of it and find your nearest class.

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