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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Name that buggy

So your kid's rolling in one of the most popular brands of strollers in town. Of course there's safety in numbers, but how do you make your baby's wheels stand out from the pack? Add pizazz to his pushchair with a personalised name plate from Mini-U. There's a selection of styles to choose from and you can design and customise your name plate in just a few clicks. The plates act as reflectors in low light conditions so you can feel extra secure on the roads in the evening.

Personalised plates can also be fixed onto toy cars, Go-Karts or used to decorate the nursery walls. Order online at Mini-U or check out Hampton Registrations. To get a wider variety of plates and tags for everyone from your hubby to your horse, visit Supergrafik, a site based in Sweden where the craze really kicked off.

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Monday, May 21, 2007


We got the heads up about Baby Oopz via our friends at Swanky Moms. This clothing line is dedicated to fashion emergencies caused by babies' habits of leaking bodily fluids at inopportune moments. The Baby Oopz range includes kits for boy and girl babies and toddlers including onesies, pants and bib all packaged in a clear vinyl tote. We particularly like these designers because they recognise that baby spit-up knows no boundaries and provide an emergency kit for mums and grandmas too. Now all that's still missing are the Daddy Oopz and Grandpa Oopz versions. Check out the Baby Oopz site for further details.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Big Toddle

Got a toddler on the rampage? If you’re UK-bound or based this June you can put your babe’s boundless energy to good use. Join the Big Toddle, a half-mile sponsored ‘walk’ for kids under 5 to raise money for children’s charity Barnado’s. Last year more than 250,000 children toddled up over £1.1 million. You can enter one of Barnado’s pre-organised events or set up an independent Toddle to go at your own time and pace. And don’t forget to pick up a Big Toddle outfit to wear on the day. Check the web site to register or for more info.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Youngest yogis

Many yoga mamas and papas want their little ones to follow in their flexible footsteps. The UK healthy lifestyle brand Tatty Bumpkin holds yoga classes and other fun activities for kids in the 18 months to 6-year-old age range. The company also produces a great line of eco-friendly clothes and accessories. Fans of their yoga programme can now pick up a Tatty Bumpkin Yoga Wardrobe in a Bag. kit which contains a child-size cotton yoga mat, drawstring trousers, long-sleeved t-shirt with yoga-inspired logo and Tatty Bumpkin bendy doll. The website only lists delivery to UK and European Union so contact them for further details.

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Right for lefties

Once they actually discover their hands and how to use them, most babies are fairly ambidextrous for a while. But as their skills improve, you may soon notice a preference. Although he uses both hands, Mr. Cheeks tends to favour his left for major stuff like eating. So I was glad to find this first Baby Fork and Spoon set that includes spoons curved to allow babies to use either hand effectively. The fork is designed so your nipper can hold it in fist grip until he gets the hang of self-feeding. The set is available in pink or blue at the online store Anything Left-handed.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Beach babes

Disconnection, relocation and far-flung locations...it's funny how quickly a month passes by offline. Apologies for the unexpectedly long break in transmission. Happily, we're back in action and ready to rep some spring and summer looks in true hype fashion. Babes get ready for the sunny daze ahead in this Juicy Couture bikini. Your mini-fashionista will be bright on target for this season's vibrant colour trends in the hot turquoise number. It features ruffled trim on top and bottom with yellow 'Juicy' embroidery on the rear and comes complete with a cute crocheted hat. Available in sizes 12-24 months at Neiman Marcus.

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