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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Do you remember life Before Kids?

Once upon a time Saturday all-nighters were spent in the clubs, Sunday mornings were for lazing around and the only cribs you checked out were on MTV. And then you got babied up and life as you knew it changed forever. If you're still feeling a little shell-shocked, the Before Kids range features t-shirts and accessories to help you express how parenting has knocked you for six.

Whether you're a co-sleeping parent or you’re constantly bed-jacked by your toddler, you'll laugh at the Before Kids… three in a bed was risqué' slogan. Notepads stating ‘Before Kids…I thought I was busy’ and coffee mugs admitting ‘Before Kids…I drank decaf’ should also put a smile on your face. Then there’s our personal favourite, ‘Before Kids…work ended at five’. Why? You know. You’ve been there. Visit the Before Kids website for more selections.

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Heat and waves

After what seems like months of flooding, we're suddenly having a heatwave. If you're looking for outdoor games to keep your little ones busy while you're toasting in the park, why not take a trip to the River Run Water Park. This multi-level waterway features raging rapids, a built-in hand pump to keep the waves coming, and four mini action figures on rafts who race each other down three levels from the water tower above. Extreme, dude! Get the rush at Kaplan Toys.

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