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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Work it, baby

During the mad last minute hunt for Xmas gifts my husband and I both independently picked out treats from the fab selection of store-brand toys at John Lewis, my favourite London department store. This range of toys for babies and pre-schoolers includes classics like wooden puzzles and building blocks, as well as more modern stuff like musical mobile phones and a radio controlled 4x4 jeep. If your baby's at the building and banging stage, he'll love the John Lewis workbench. It features a hammer, spanner, nuts, wrench, bolts, screwdriver and other tools to keep your little handyman happily bashing away for hours. This toy encourages manual dexterity and learning through imaginative play and will probably set your baby up for a lifetime of DIY obsession. UK deliveries only.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pack and Play

Before heading overseas, I toyed with buying a travel cot but skipped this idea when I realised how much it would add to my load. Mr. Cheeks slept with me at night but since I couldn't leave him alone on the bed during the day he wound up either napping in my arms or on a mat on the floor. Luckily, my sister-in-law lent me her Graco Pack n Play which became his favourite place for a quick snooze. This playard comes in several varieties and provides a secure and sturdy environment for your child to play and rest. The Bugs Quilt pattern offers four interactive toys to engage your little one, but what I liked most is how easy it is to assemble and fold up - it really does take just seconds. Get one at Target (USA) or the Graco Baby Einstein version at Babies R Us (UK).

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hippy hip hooray

Mr. Cheeks and mama have returned from our globe-trotting just in time to spend our first Xmas together in foggy London. I'm happy to be home but gutted that I forgot to pack my Hippy Chick hip seat on our way back. If you're travelling with a super-heavy bubba like mine this baby carrier is indispensable. It looks like a bum bag (fanny pack, for US readers) with a foam padded shelf for baby to sit astride. You simply strap it around your waist and lift your child onto the seat. The clever design not only helps to support the extra weight but stops you from twisting your spine so you don't strain your back too much. It looks a bit bizarre when you first try it on but actually nobody notices and it's worth a few odd stares. I really missed my Hipseat when I had to lug His Cheekiness for what seemed like miles from the plane until I finally retrieved my stroller at baggage collection. My advice? Don't leave home without it.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Strap 'em in

We are currently overseas and Mr Cheeks, despite being a winter babe, is coping well with the African heat. Although I don't have easy access to my blog, being on our first long-distance trip has given us a chance to try out some great products for travel. One item that has proved indispensable is the 'washable, squashable' highchair in a bag known as the Tot Seat. This funky piece of fabric helps secure your baby to an adult seat with clip fastening and an integral cummerbund for extra support. It adjusts to fit most size chairs and comes in a handy travel pouch that easily fits into your baby bag. Mr. Cheeks loves being the star of the show when I strap him in and people come around to marvel. And I love eating almost anywhere without having to do the tricky 'balance the bubba' act on my lap.

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