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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Snug as a bug in a rug

We've been enjoying an Indian summer over here in England's green and pleasant land. But the cold snap’s about to hit and it’s time to get the little ones kitted out for frosty days ahead. This funky kangaroo style pouch will keep bubba nice and snug. The Buggysnuggle fits all pushchairs and the top can be removed to leave the bottom as a liner in milder temperatures. The Buggysnuggle is available in many designs and textures including plush sherpa fleece, faux suede and yeti! Stylish babies make all the right moo-ves in this fake fur Cow Buggysnuggle. Check edirectory.com for deliveries outside UK/Europe.

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Spooky eats and liquid treats

All hallow’s eve is upon us and you still haven’t the foggiest what to serve your ghoulish guests? The Dark Side of the Net has links to last minute Halloween recipe and cocktail ideas to make you the ghostess with the mostess. Why not concoct some Graveyard Goulash a la carte from Hookery Cookery or scare up some Curried Pumpkin Soup courtesy of Moonchild.

For cocktails to leave you truly legless try Halloween Magazine’s Why the Long Faced Ice Tea or get shaken and stirred with some Bloody Eyeball Martinis on the Rocks from Fabulous Foods. Tots and teetotallers can sample Webtender's non-alcoholic Eerie Witches’ Brew with dry ice for chilling effect.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Surf's up!

Tummy time’s a shore thing with this adorable surfboard activity mat by Infantino. The padded play mat comes complete with a detachable prop-up pillow and a growth chart to measure your little surfer dude until he’s too old to ride. Other cute features include linkable toys and a water pouch filled with floating sea creatures to create a mini aquarium. Suitable from O months +.

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SOS Address

The clever folks at Phillips have a nifty little gizmo that’s sure to appeal to parents everywhere. SOS Address is a key ring-size gadget on which you can record your child’s name, your address and contact number in case your toddler ever gets lost. Simply attach it to clothes or bag for peace of mind whenever your little explorer strays out of reach.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Spooky mamas

Cute Halloween costumes for babies are in abundance, but what’s out there for mamas-to-be? Extreme Halloween offers fun costumes to flaunt or camouflage your form. Splash out on instant classics like this Bun in the Oven outfit – even get a Bun Maker suit for your partner. For shock humour value get the Mother Superior habit or simply wear a massive sign stating Hello, I’m Pregnant!

Cheaper alternatives include using your belly as a prop e.g. a pumpkin or cross-dressing as a famous big-bellied character e.g. Homer Simpson, Santa or Michael Moore. Or why not make the most of this year’s celebrity baby boom and do the pregnant Britney (dyed hair, pasty face, trashy clothes), Brangelina (black outfits, multi-ethnic toddlers) or TomKat (Scientology bible, excessive PDAs). Spook-tacular. For more ideas visit About.com’s pregnancy guide.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

London Baby Show

If you happen to be in London this weekend, don’t miss the UK’s biggest ever baby and parenting event which makes its Earls Court debut today until Sunday October 22. You can find great discounts on unlimited baby products, expert tips, chill-out spots for frazzled parents and mums-to-be, and play areas for pre-schoolers. There’s a chance to meet favourite characters e.g. Angelina Ballerina, Spike the Hedgehog and Bob the Builder. Watch mini models strut their stuff on the catwalks or even enter your own little star into the Face of the Baby Shows contest. Visit The Baby Shows web site (pic courtesy of the official site).


Scandinavian cool

So you live in Podunk, Nowheresville. There’s no reason why your kids can’t sport a little northern European chic courtesy of Nordic Kids. This canny enterprise features top Scandinavian designers of children’s wear including cute bibs, funky hats, print bodysuits and 70’s inspired overalls. We’re digging these teal baggy cord trousers by Ida T which can be accessorised with the blue polar bear hat for that ‘my baby’s so cool he’s got frostbite’ effect. Deliveries throughout Europe only.


Signing with baby

Ever been so frustrated trying to get your point across with someone that you end up screaming? Imagine what it’s like when your verbal skills are limited to ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ or just babbling. Studies suggest babies who are taught to communicate through sign language are happier, throw fewer tantrums and may even have accelerated speech development. If you don’t have access to signing classes, and you’re not ready to commit to books and videos, you can rent download software for $3 a week at Kiddie Signs.com.

This web site also offers free sign language games teaching kids the alphabet, shapes and colours in American Sign Language using multicultural animation. Kiddie Signs is part of KiddieGames.com a fantastic hub of interactive games to play at the computer with your little one while she’s cuddled on your lap. Just watch what happens when she bashes the keyboard and one of the cartoon kids talks back!


Strictly for the Hardcore

We at Hype Baby believe babies get a bad press. Too often they are misrepresented as twee mini-we’s togged up in fluffy little numbers for our cooing pleasure. In fact, babies are pure rock and roll. Boob guzzling, stink-creating, noise polluting, havoc-wreakers who have mastered the art of being totally in your face, rude and uncensored while maintaining an ever loyal fan base. Dress your little head banger appropriately in this skull t-shirt from Babywit.


So Smart baby videos

I first stumbled across So Smart videos at the local library. This award-winning series uses striking animation and classical soundtracks to stimulate and entertain babies from 0 to 36 months. We got the Shapes and Musical Instruments videos and my then six month old delighted in the shapes and colours dancing across the screen. I liked that each video allows space for parent and child to interact by talking, clapping or even dancing along. Mostly, I enjoyed the look of wonder on my baby’s face. If you’re worried by studies claiming TV is harmful to kids, the So Smart web site offers guidelines about how to watch and when to switch off. After all, most babes may look like spuds but nobody wants to raise a couch potato.


Tickle Me Elmo - Ten Years On

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Tickle Me Elmo, the toy that created a wave of what could only be described as ‘shop rage’ among desperate parents, comes the new and improved TMX Elmo. Everybody’s favourite Sesame Street puppet is gigglier than ever, with three interactive tickle zones.

Prod him once, TMX Elmo laughs and slaps his thigh, sits down and gets back up. At the second tickle he lands on his back, kicking his feet, then gets up crying ‘Again, again!’ In the big finish, he falls to his belly and pounds the ground in hysterics until finally standing up and letting out a huge sigh. Elmo has had enough.

Launched last month, TMX Elmo is selling out fast and prices on Amazon and Ebay are nearing the $200 mark. Crazy, yeah. But I defy even the most fad-resistant not to put this on their Xmas list. Simply genius. Check out Fisher Price US or Fisher Price UK.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fat feet love Shoo Shoos

Whether they’re walking, crawling or just kicking back in the crib, hype babies need footwear that’s stylish, comfy and durable. Handcrafted with 100% Nappa leather, the Shoo Shoos range is loved by parents and paediatricians alike as their shoes allow room for baby toes to breathe and grow. Each pair of Shoo Shoos has suede non-slip soles, no laces to tie on or trip over and is washable by hand or machine. The elasticised ankles make them easy to slide on and, more importantly, stay on. These tan sport Shoo Shoos with brown leather wraparound strap are a must have for babes on the move.


Babes against the Big C

Have your little one support a worthy cause and look good while doing so by slipping him or her into one of Babygag’s too cute Babes for Boobs onesies (for ages 0-12 months) or tank tops (ages 3 months to 5T) available at Urban Baby Runway. Throughout October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Whoopie for Halloween!

Okay, so this is just plain wrong. But you have to admit it’s pretty funny. I’ve been giggling since I came across this Baby Whoopie Cushion at Brands on Sale after doing a random search for newborn Halloween costumes. If you’ve got a little gas monster at home, zip him up in this and let rip. Just don’t sit on him.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gabby Babies say 'Hands Off!'

When you’re pregnant, nobody can keep their hands off your bump. Then when you bring your shiny new darling into the world, it seems every grisly, germ-ridden, disease-infected mutant wants to get their paws on your pride and joy. If you’re tired of karate chopping strangers’ hands away from your precious one, or imprisoning baby behind his stroller rain cover even if it’s scorching outside, why not check out this Gabby Baby t-shirt instead? The message is loud and clear: Please don’t touch my hands I put them in my mouth.

  • Gabby Baby
  • was set up by a mum who was tired of fielding unsolicited comments from family, friends, even strangers e.g. Is he a good baby? Have you put her on a schedule? Are you sure you’re not overfeeding? Do you want my advice? And so on, ad nauseam. Gabby Baby babygros and t-shirts are designed to tell all those helpful hinters politely but firmly to get stuffed. Other Gabby Baby sayings include Please don’t stare at my lunch, Please don’t ask my mommy if she’s ‘working’ and Please don’t ask my daddy if he’s babysitting. UK buyers visit: LoulouBee

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    Friday, October 06, 2006

    Bring the Hype

    Hype Baby is a blogazine for hip parents who want to keep up with trends in baby style, gear, products and services. Based in London with a global outlook, Hype Baby celebrates babies with attitude and the hype mamas and papas who made them. We will be scouring the web and real world to find and review baby fashion, gadgets, books, tips, baby-friendly places to go, things to do and all things bubba-related. If it’s hot, we hype it.


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