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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lean Back

Even if your little one's long past the stage when he needs help sitting up, he can still get plenty of laidback laughs out of the Lean on Me Activity Bolster. Exclusive to One Step Ahead, a fab site for anyone in the 0-3 years range, this crafty cushion provides great support for babies who are learning to sit. It also appeals to older babies with five interactive toys including an eight page book with multiple touch and sound effects, storage pockets, a detachable snack cup and a carry handle. Suitable from 5 months to 2 years.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snow baby

Mr. Cheeks and his mama have been down with one of those pesky colds that's going around this time of year. But we're back in action just in time to catch up on our Xmas shopping. I've been looking for a cute seasonal outfit to dress him up in for his first ever Christmas. This melt-in-your-arms baby Snowman suit from Mothercare is almost too snuggly for words. It has a zip up front and comes in sizes 0-24 months.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Hip Hop Lullabies

Bored with those ancient lullabies? Tired of cutting loose to Mother Goose? Hype mamas and papas rock the night shift on old-school beats with a baby-friendly twist. The original Hip Hop Baby CD features rap classics like Salt N Pepa’s ‘Push It’, Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ and Outkast’s ‘Ms Jackson’ specially remixed for the crib. So even after soothing baby to sleep, mom and pop can groove on ‘til the break of dawn. Believe us, the lullaby version of the Fugee’s ‘Ready or Not/Fugee La’ is a thing of beauty.

The Hip Hop Baby CD is available at Nippaz with Attitude which stocks soundtracks to suit almost any taste or mood e.g. Punk Baby, 80s Baby or even Ibiza Baby. UK-based Nippaz with Attitude is an urban clothing label sported by celeb sprogs of Madonna, Russell Crowe and Kate Moss, to name-drop a few. Check out t-shirts, bodysuits and bibs with slogans like Fight the Power, Mama Ain’t Raising no Fool and You Don’t Have to Sleep to Dream at the Nippaz with Attitude site.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Born with a silver spoon

If you’re planning to splash out on a tasteful but timeless gift for a newborn princess, you can’t go wrong with a silver spoon from Tiffany’s. Even mum and dad will go gaga at the mere sight of that light blue box. Paloma Picasso has a unique twist on the baby feeding spoon in sterling silver. For a more classic design, this Padova child’s spoon by Elsa Peretti will deal out the right measures of sugar and spice.

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Swim with dolphins

Rubber ducks are a bath time staple. But if you’ve got a bubba as active as Mr. Cheeks in the tub, that old quack just won’t cut it. You need bath toys that will make him sit still and pay attention. These adorable Do-Rae-Me Dolphins from The Baby Catalogue offer a lesson in harmonics and a bathing session all in one. The multicoloured dolphins can bob alone or be hooked up for some synchronised swimming. But what takes them beyond cute is that when you tap them on the head, they play the note of each octave. That's what we call good clean musical fun.

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Lounging out

Almost every parent will agree that a bouncy chair is an essential purchase for those first few months. Mom and dad get some hands-free time and the little rocker has fun observing the world from a different angle. With any luck, the bouncing action might even make baby nod off. Many baby chairs come with toy bars for tiny fists to bat, vibrate buttons or even funky tunes. But who needs bells and whistles when you’ve got a lounger as cool as this with your baby’s name on it? This padded Personal Baby Lounger from the gift gurus at Red Envelope comes in chocolate cover with blue or pink stripes.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Travelling Circus

Heading away with the family for Xmas? Be sure to pack your little globe-trotter's treasures in luggage that stands out on the carousel. This charming Circus set by Valize includes one large suitcase and one small weekender case each adorned with a whimsical image of circus animals. The Circus set is just one of many cute and quirky items in store at Madallie, a children’s travel shop run by the parents of Madison and Allie (Madallie, geddit?). From comfort blankets and hip backpacks, to mobile toys and travel books, Madallie has loads to tame your wild things so you can enjoy at least part of the ride.


HandySitt gives babies a boost

As someone who opted for a cheap and cheerful booster seat that has served my baby well, I’m always on the lookout for good alternatives to bulky highchairs. Made in Denmark, the HandySitt is an award-winning product crafted out of high grade steel and beech wood from managed forests. This portable booster seat gives your little one the right support and height to sit safely at the table with the adults. The arms adjust to fit almost any dining chair and it packs flat for easy storage. Each HandySitt also comes with a wipe clean cushion and can be bought with a neat TravelBagg for outings. Suitable from 7 months to 4 ½ years.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Say it with flowers

For a perfect blend of style with practicality, one unique and ultra cute newborn gift idea we’ve come across is the BabyBlooms baby clothes bouquet. BabyBlooms puts together an exquisite hand-made bouquet of essential baby wear (bodysuits, hats, socks) fashioned into a stunning floral arrangement. The garments are all machine washable original BabyBlooms designs in 100% cotton and come in size 0-3 months. Now there’s no excuse to settle for a wilting bunch of roses from the hospital shop.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hope @ Hamleys

Hype mamas and papas can empty their wallets for a worthy cause at London’s toy mecca this weekend. From 10am to 12 noon on Sunday Nov 16 it’s Hope @ Hamley’s, a charity shopping extravaganza to raise money for children with special needs. Look forward to guest appearances from animated stars Angelina Ballerina and Bob the Builder alongside real live actress Emma Thompson and a range of prizes to be won including a free ride on the London Eye. Only customers wearing the Hope wristband (£5 donation) will get in and there are goody bags for the first 300 kids so plan ahead to beat the crush.


Eastern chic

Our baby’s grandparents recently returned from a trip to China with a stunning Mao-style two-piece outfit - to complement Mr. Cheeks' budding dictatorial attitude. If neither you nor your relatives are heading to the Far East anytime soon, make a stop at Bebe International, a fab site featuring multicultural goodies and gift ideas from around the globe. Check out these luxurious Baby Eternity pyjamas in gold fabric with traditional eternity print, Mandarin collar and frog closures.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Easy Rider

If you’re looking for a set of wheels for your babe this Xmas, this bestselling Mothercare 5-in-1 Trekker is a hot deal. The trekker takes your child through five stages of development by converting from a rocker with play tray (6 months) to a stroller with parent handle (8 months) to a push-along walker (10 months) and finally to a ride-on car with (12 months) or without parent handle (up to 3 years).

We got one for our bubba at five months when he was already too hefty for the rocker. At 9 months, he’s learning to use it as a ride-on/walker with support. Sadly the trekker doesn’t travel on grass and I don’t feel safe taking it on the road. Still, Mr. Cheeks feels super cool zooming from room to room in our flat, hand on the horn, toy phone pressed to his ear. All he needs is a sound system and some pimped out rims.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Leash your pup

Critics call them cruel and inhuman. Fans call them a necessary evil. If you’ve ever had to chase a toddler down the street as he rushes headlong into oncoming traffic, you might just call them a lifesaver. However you feel about toddler safety reins, your (human) puppy will probably go barking for this Eddie Bauer Harness Buddy. The trick is that your baby loves the animal backpack so much he doesn’t notice the reins, while you have peace of mind knowing the little scamp is always within arm’s reach. Available at Target. UK buyers check out the Toddler Day Sack from the Babyworld shop.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Soccer babies

In all the fuss over mama and her new baby, fathers often feel left out. Score highly with a soccer-mad dad this Xmas by giving him a Baby FC kit to share with his future footie fan. The Baby FC range includes Baby FC CD with popular football chants (minus rude lyrics), My First Football Book to capture memories like favourite player and team colours, quality leather football boots in multiple designs, and a large cuddly football. Little kickers can sign up free for Baby FC membership for one year or even join the Baby FC Academy, a music and movement activity group run at local centres and football clubs. On me ‘ead, son.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Everlasting bellies

When I was six months pregnant I told my hubby that I wanted a belly cast. ‘What would you do with it afterwards? Use it a giant ashtray?’ he scoffed. Well I don’t smoke, he quit, and the idea fell by the wayside. So when I came across the stunning belly casts by Everlasting Castings at the London Baby Show I felt quite envious.

Founded by mum-of-two Tammy Peters (who made her first cast while pregnant with her now six-year-old son Lucas), the 3D moulding technique uses plaster of Paris or a new glass or bronzing technique to create a life-size replica of your bump. The casts can be left plain or decorated and used as fruit bowls, plant pots, wall lights or just conversation pieces. Everlasting Castings offers budget or deluxe home belly casting kits that include instructions, plaster bandages, Vaseline, gloves and a picture hook. All you need is a hands-on buddy and a sense of humour.

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